Heavy Metal Machines - Dirt Devil Pack

Claim this limited-time free DLC to unlock a total of 9 items for Heavy Metal Machines, and start ahead in the Arenas.

The Dirt Devil Pack of Heavy Metal Machines gives you a total of 9 items for free to customize your account and start ahead in the Arenas. Available for a limited time.

Dirt Devil is the main character of this item pack. He's an Interceptor specialized in creating chaos in the arena by leaping through his enemies, leaving traps behind, and using his harpoon to pull himself in the enemies' direction.

Check out the content list:

  • Dirt Devil's Machine
  • Dirt Devil's Model - We Hate the Sand (Tourist)
  • Kill Effect - Abyssal Kill
  • Start Line Effect - Abyssal Eye
  • Score Effect - I Score
  • Sprays: Death Cthulhu; Full Oxygen; Blob Fish; Anchor

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