Black Salt Coreuption

Black Salt Coreuption is a one-on-one 3D arena fighting game that allows complete freedom of movement around the arena rather than 3D fighters doing combat on a 2D plane. The Black Salt Coreuption 3D arena fighting game series also combines two action properties.

Responding to a distress call from an unknown source, Gatling and his team get sucked into a dimensional portal where they find themselves stranded in a mysterious forest in a different world. While exploring the forest, they run into another hero, Black Salt, who has also been separated from his world. They decide to team up to find a way home and figure out what is going on.


⦁ 360 movement system allowing for players to move freely around the battle arena, giving more control over your character, while still staying in the action and locked on to their opponent.

⦁ Online modes like king of the hill, capture the flag, death match, and team death match in a fighting game making this a true action/fighting game hybrid.

⦁ 2 new worlds come together introducing an original new cast of diverse and exciting characters to fight.

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EVO 2019!
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Online play
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Controls for combat