Lovers ' Smiles

A developing causal puzzle game for the whole family. Use physics, logic, imagination and ability to draw, to arrange a dream date for the two emoticons in love!

Two smileys in love are dreaming to go on a date, but these tiny creatures can not walk, just roll! Draw platforms, bridges, levers, springboards and any objects that will help them to meet. Use the laws of physics, logic and unlimited inks to connect a couple.
The solution to each puzzle has many unique options. All depend on your imagination and ability to draw!

- 100 levels of varying difficulty.
- Realistic physics.
- A unique solution for each puzzle.
- Simple operation and intuitive interface.
- The gameplay is suitable for people of any age.
- The game develops logic, knowledge of physics and the ability to draw.
- Unlimited ink makes it possible to create any objects.
- Low system requirements.
- Dynamic music.
- Steam Achievements.

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Lovers' Smiles 2
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