Legend of Assassin: Siberia

An exciting platform game about the adventures of an assassin in Siberia. Jump over obstacles and collect crystals, and try to survive in this adventure.

This game is an interesting arcade platformer in which you have to go to Siberia! You play as a brave assassin, who has to go through his difficult and dangerous path through the frozen land. On every corner you will be trapped enemies and wild animalss who wants your death. You will have to jump over huge gaps and thorny plants. And on the way you will meet crystals which need to be collected.


  • Platform game
  • Simple operation
  • Nice graphics
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux

At first glance, the game seems quite simple. However, after playing it a little you will understand how hard it is lonely assassin in the lands of frost. At every corner of his lurk danger and to avoid death have to constantly be in suspense and very carefully monitor everything that happens around. Try to notice the approach of insidious enemies, otherwise you can die in the first minutes of the game! The game is great for children and develops skills such as care and reaction time. But even adults will be interested to play it and pass the passage of a couple of evenings. So don't miss it! You will love it!

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