Star Singularity

Navigate your spacecraft through a galactic-scale mystery. Make sure to loot, craft and upgrade your space fleet: your combat skills will be tested against machine-learning AI, as well as your friends in versus mode.

Star Singularity is a space-faring action-adventure game, combining skillful combat with strategic resource gathering and a procedurally generated galaxy to roam.
From the beginning of your journey, you will be thrown into the midst of a multi-faction conflict with some dark forces pulling the strings. Starting with a single spaceship and a humble base of operations, you will gradually progress through multiple galaxy sectors and eventually shape the outcome of the conflict. Wherever you choose to go and whichever side you choose to ally yourself with - the galaxy is yours to explore.

Space Combat

Space combat in Start Singularity is fierce and brutal, paying homage to classic space shooters - but with the sophistication of a modern physics engine and cutting-edge AI. To prevail you will have to become a skillful pilot and tactician, and craft a ship that can overcome (or evade) any foe.
Outside the main adventure mode, you will be able to test your mettle against AI opponents and other human players in multiple game modes ranging from tense 1-on-1 skirmishes to full-fledged armada VS armada combat.

Ship Design

Spaceships in Star Singularity are the sum of their parts. Different spaceships have different layouts and initial stats, but any spaceship design can be vastly overhauled and modified using components that you will acquire throughout the game: by crafting and trading, completing missions, or looting debris from fallen opponents.
Swap your shields with stealth modules to trade protection for the element of surprise, replace that gun turret with a directional engine for improved maneuverability, and pair unique items for overpowered combinations that even we didn't think of.


The galaxy in Star Singularity is procedurally generated with some degree of randomness between playthroughs to give you a fresh challenge each time you play. While the main storyline will send you through predetermined locations, you are free to roam the galaxy and jump from one node to another in any order you like, and the various factions will change their attitude towards you based on your actions. This cosmic-sized adventure offers unique star systems to explore, full of unique encounters.

Evolving AI

In Star Singularity, sophisticated AI was crafted to adapt to any spaceship layout you create. To provide an adequate challenge, an evolving AI will test new spaceship designs against existing ones, using an evolving Artificial Neural Network model that will mutate and evolve as it processes more combat simulation stats.
These simulations run the background on spare CPU cores as new spaceship designs are made, repeatedly training the AI to become better and more challenging. Star Singularity is a game that will test your CPU as much as it tests your space piloting skills.

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