THE DAY Online

THE DAY Online is a MOBA game with a mixture of 3D, 3rd person, action, strategy, and team play.
The three distinctive battle arenas await your arrival.
Come and experience unique and immersive gameplay with THE DAY Online.

  • Fast-paced Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game (MOBA)
    - Minimized early-game farming and building
    - Intense and speedy combat system with no mana to manage
    - Take control of the arena by creating small to big scale battles all over
    - Cutthroat combats aiming to land that last killing blow

  • Three Distinctive Battle Arenas
    - Resource Battle: Gather points to achieve victory by collecting resources, engaging combats, and destroying objects. All of your team's actions gathering points lead to continuous steam of small combats all over the arena.
    - Downtown: Destroy the enemy nexus by utilizing and managing strategic locations all over the map. The locations provide powerful skills to cast and immensely beneficial team wide buffs to boost combat effectiveness.
    - Survival: Fight, survive, and become the last man standing in this 10 player PvP arena. Pure combat skills and a little bit of luck will get you that victory. Players level up by killing other players as well as monsters.

    Visit "THE DAY Online official Discord" to communicate with the developers. The automatic translation feature is available and provided by Discord.

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