Project Genesis

A team based sci-fi PVP shooter that fuses two types of gameplay into one: ship to ship combat with simultaneous FPS close quarters battles.

It is a time of unprecedented change.

Project Genesis is a sci-fi PVP shooter that fuses two types of gameplay: ship to ship combat with FPS close quarters battles

Space flight is played in third-person with free look targeting - steer the ship and freely aim the weapons at targets. The flight model is simple and designed without complicated flight controls. Weapons are easy to use, targeting and HUD intuitive and clear.

The First Person Shooter mode uses standard WASD controls common FPS combat games. The emphasis in Project Genesis is seamlessly merging these two modes without having to adjust to new control configurations and viewing perspectives.

Across 3rd person space combat, and FPS modes, the controls use a common paradigm:

- HP—Hull or Health, the primary damage resource
- Energy (E)—the consumable resource for shields, weapons, and abilities
- Two main weapons—a primary and a secondary
- One passive and two active abilities

Spacecraft and avatar designs set up familiar relationships—tank, support, dps, etc.—but synergies and solo viability are always in mind. Boost and sprint, shields, recharge and cell capacities, weapon loadouts, countermeasures, abilities, utilities/throwables create a lot of levers. The rest is dominating with weaponized support craft in space.

The current approach is best-of three-round matches, where later rounds depend on earlier outcomes. To win a round, complete your team objective before the clock runs out. Easy. On the way, take opportunities to gain an advantage for your team, now or in the next round. If neither team gets the upper hand in the first two rounds, a final round is played, wrapping up the match in dramatic fashion.

Our community has been crucial to every step as we develop our core play and continues to be our focus as mode, mission and map designs progress. There's so much more fun to be had and we hope you’ll join in the process of getting there with us.

A season in *Project Genesis* is structured around a bundle of story, stuff, and features, with a full competitive Circuit. Each season offers limited content to every player, and Battle Passes grant access to season-limited cosmetics and collectibles. In Season One, explore the Project Genesis universe where you'll battle as mercenaries and radicals and suck-up loyalists.

Circuit play begins after the deployment and testing of a Season. Matches can be themed and flavored with the current season's narrative, while the mission particulars and round structure stays centered on well-tested, community approved formats.

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