Murderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits is a kill-or-be-killed Victorian stealth-em-up for 1-8 players in which you must hunt and kill your quarry before your hunters do the same to you, all while avoiding witnesses.

Murderous Pursuits is a multiplayer, kill-or-be-killed, stealth-em-up for 1-8 players. For those interested in having a murderously rambunctious time, Mr. X cordially invites you and other players to sneak up and stab the living daylights out of each other. Developed by members of the team behind The Ship, and the studio that made The Ship: Remasted, Murderous Pursuits will soon have you experiencing the giddy joy of subterfuge to a level that has rarely been experienced since the late 1890’s.

Kill Your Quarry

Act like an unassuming passenger to avoid revealing yourself, locate high-scoring weapons, and stalk and kill your targets in a manner that befits your station as a 'right dodgy villain'.

Choose Your Methods

Employ a variety of abilities, including disguise, flash, and counter, to outmanoeuvre your adversaries and carry out your diabolical plan.

Pick Your Hunter

Take your pick from a line-up of nefarious killers – each as deadly as the next. From the cold and calculating Duchess to the wise-guy Dodger.

Stay Composed

Keep your cool and use the busy, reactive environments to your advantage, hide in plain sight and strike with deadly timing to get the jump on your quarry.

Key Features:
  • Play solo or online multiplayer with up to 8 players, featuring support for custom game options and wickedly intelligent bots
  • Hunt in four sumptuous locations aboard the HMCS Britannic - a state-of-the-art, colonial time ship. Blend in with the festivities in the richly decorated Music Hall or wait in the dark corners of the Engine House to pounce on your prey
  • Choose from eight playable characters. Pick your preferred archetype and skin, then blend in with the crowd to avoid detection
  • Master the use of five abilities – only two of which can be chosen each match, so choose wisely
  • Earn favour to win - Simple killing won’t cut it. Be discrete, commandeer a high-value weapon, strike quickly and dance over your quarry’s lifeless body to earn Mr. X’s favour

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