Snake Pass

Welcome to Snake Pass, a unique twist on the Puzzle Platform genre that puts players in control of a one of a kind protagonist – a snake! Without limbs, players will have to master a whole new way of controlling our serpentine hero, to make him slither, coil and climb his way to the top of the mountain.

Welcome to the Mystical World Of Snake Pass.

Players are tasked with mastering our serpentine hero's abilities via a wholly unique control scheme. With snakes having no limbs, players are asked to completely rethink the way they control their avatar – what would otherwise be conquered with a simple press of a jump button is now an intricate puzzle requiring skill and a deft touch to overcome.

As players become more self-assured in their ability to control Noodle the environments he finds himself in become more complex - deep pools of water, moving obstacles and hot coals all provide additional challenge to the task of getting to the top of Snake Pass.

To get there, Noodle will have to collect the Glimmers dotted around the levels to unlock the gates blocking his progress. Additional collectables provide further challenge if the player so desires with their collection feeding back in to a compelling metagame that allows players to define their own level of difficulty.

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Snake Pass is the very first original title to be developed and published by the acclaimed UK-based developers, Sumo Digital (Dead Island 2, Crackdown 3, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed).

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