Head Shot

Head Shot is a Cartoon FPS Game. There are 5 perks of character and too many weapons ...

Take a role in a caroonish styled FPS multiplayer game. Choose among 5 characters and bunch of weapons and play Head Shot online with friends and strangers.

-5 classes (Assault, Sniper, Engineer, Medic, Machine Gunner);
-Various types of weapons including Assaults, Equipments, Machine Guns, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns and Snipers;
-Different game modes (currently Death Match and Team Death Match)

Planned features:
-More weapons;
-More game modes;
-More items and various other content that will bring more fun into the game.
-Open chest system and various other stuff...

More features coming soon.

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Shot Shot Tactic - New Game on Greenlight
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Upcoming Event "Play With Dev Team"