Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake Hotel an eerie point-and-click adventure developed by the creators of the intriguing Cube Escape series.

Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and make sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will be 5 dinners this week. Make sure every dinner is worth dying for!

Rusty Lake Hotel a unique puzzle-escape game with a surreal, strange setting inspired by David Lynch’s TV series Twin Peaks.

Key features:

  • Pick-up-and-play: easy to start, but it will be hard to stop
  • Tons of puzzles: a total of 6 rooms full of unique and various brain teasers
  • Thrilling and engaging story: there will be 5 dinners with intriguing guests and staff
  • Full of suspense and atmosphere: Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal place, where anything can happen…
  • Impressive soundtrack: every room has its own designed theme song
  • Achievements: an all-time gallery you never seen before

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