Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition

Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition is here! The surreal puzzle game set in the dreams of its protagonist. Will you be able to save the thing you love most and overcome the endless whirlwind of nightmares?

Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition is a first person action-puzzle game set in physics based worlds.
This new enhanced edition includes lots of improvements plus extra contents.

You'll assume the role of a nice Big Guy that will need to wake up in order to save the most important thing in his life.


- 31 Crazy levels set in Suicide Guy's mind

- Physics based levels

- You will: pick up items, throw them, activate mechanisms and even burp!

- Absurd creatures to annoy

- Collectible items to find

- A very important mission to accomplish

What does the new Deluxe Edition include?

- 3 new exclusive levels

- Graphics enhancements

- Performance improvements

- Highly polished physics interactions

- New languages support (Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian)

- Cloud saves

Players will be challenged with the most complex and original brain teasers.

The game includes mature content, in particular violence, alcohol abuse and self-harm.
Despite the title the game is NOT about suicide or depression.

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Posted on 28 September 2021 | 4:14 pm
Patch 1.09 + 30% Sale!
Posted on 4 August 2021 | 10:59 pm
Suicide Guy Deluxe - First sale!
Posted on 8 June 2021 | 11:46 am
Update 1.07 Available!
Posted on 3 June 2021 | 5:14 pm
Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition now available!