Choco Rabbit Revenge

"Choco Rabbit Revenge" is a classic 2d platformer about the adventures of an unusual rabbit with a sweet tooth. Try to get back your untouchable supply of chocolate, which was stolen by evil slugs!

"Choco Rabbit Revenge" will allow you to try on the role of a rabbit who loves sweets very much. But here's the bad luck - in the morning you discovered that all your precious chocolates have been stolen by someone! Going in hot pursuit, the rabbit manages to find the culprits of this incident - evil slugs stole the entire supply of sweets and do not want to return it. Arm yourself with your blaster and show them who's in charge!

Game Features:
  • Old school gameplay
  • Soundtrack by Ozzed
  • Steam Achievements support
  • Classic pixel art visuals
  • Some levels are really hard!

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