Hike is a relaxing exploration game set in beautiful forests of the unknown. Find out what kinds of secrets the forest has.

You finally get a chance to leave the city behind for the first time in years and head out for a relaxing weekend hike in the middle of nowhere.

Explore the massive world of unknown and discover the secrets of the wilderness. During your hike a lot of different scenarios happen, for example thunderstorms and such!

Hike offers you a relaxing and exploration filled experience. Complete camping related quests in many parts of the magical forests.

Soundscape of Hike is designed to be calm and nice for the ears, including background music, natural noises of the forest and more.

The length of the game depends on the player. Hike lasts anywhere from half an hour to one and a half depending on the speed of progression.

Achievements of Hike are super easy to get by just playing the main storyline even though you still have to pay attention to few things

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