Shadow Arena - 1 Hero Selection Coupon

Action-packed PVP battles with your choice of hero. Experience the popular MMO styled skills to fight the opponents to survive in the arena.

Get your free Hero Selection Coupon!

Simply download this DLC and a Hero Selection Coupon will be sent to your "Steam Storage".
Only 1 will be sent per account, so be careful about which nickname and server you select before sending!

[How to use the DLC]
1) Login to the server you want to use the DLC in.
2) Go to [Storage]-[Steam Storage] then click the "Use" button on the product you would like to use.
3) The items will be sent to your [Mailbox]. Click "Receive" in your mailbox.
4) Now the item will be in your [Shop Storage]. When you use the DLC in the Shop Storage, you will be given 1 "[DLC] Hero Selection Coupon."
5) Each "[DLC] Hero Selection Coupon" can be used to unlock a hero of your choice to have unlimited access to that hero.

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