Control the giant robot of your dreams in epic battles! Create a base to discover new technologies! Challenge other players to prove you’re the best Volta pilot!

Years ago, Earth was jeopardized by a Kaiju invasion. Faced with insurmountable odds, our best known scientists and world leaders floundered and it seemed everything was lost. That is, until the mysterious Dr. V revealed his new technology - the Voltas. Thanks to the Voltas and their pilots, our victory over the alien threat was swift and decisive. After overcoming the Kaiju, these formidable robots provided the foundation for the most popular sport in the world – Volta battling!

Now we’re extending an invitation to you to join the World Volta Association, the premiere destination for high stakes Volta combat. Achieving prestige and fame will take teamwork and plenty of strategy. Prove your championship drive by commanding your crew members to power up weapons, dodge attacks, or repair your Volta while you simultaneously attack your opponent’s Volta to weaken them and gain victory! As you rise through our ranks, you’ll earn access to more Voltas, obtain incredible weapons, and face even tougher challenges.

When you’re not in the arena, you’ll have full access to your own custom headquarters, too. There, you’ll be able to develop the perfect balance of work and play between your team, Voltas, and gear. It’s important because while the WVA is currently a place where we fight for sport, there may be a time again when Voltas will be on the frontlines to protect our planet from any dangers that dare threaten us.

Each Volta starts with a similar foundation, but more complicated weaponry adds nearly endless depth and customization options for winning pilots. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating your perfectly balanced loadout and taking on opponents in highly competitive strategic battles!

Our pilots all had a path that led them to piloting a Volta. Through a single-player campaign, your pilot will qualify for the league and fight tooth and nail to climb the championship ranks. Along the way, pilots may even discover some dramatic secrets about themselves and their world.

The fight itself is only half the battle. Preparation is key, and pilots must be well rested and continually researching ways to level up their arsenal. Take full control of your headquarters to keep your team focused for battle and on the cutting edge of powerful Volta tech.

Connect with other players in Clans to share strategies and fight each other, keeping your skills sharp. Engage in PVP battles and special Events against the whole world. Only then can pilots prove their mettle by getting to the top of the global leaderboard and making a name for themselves in the World Volta Association!

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