Epic Chess

The Ultimate Team Fight Chess! - Fight back to back along with other heroes and become the true champion of the team. Rise victorious through the epic battle. Experience a battle that you've never experienced before with various strategy elements to control your own outcome of the battle.

Experience a true team battle.

Send your own Heroes to support your team. Easily level up your heroes and fully upgrade them with the supported heroes. Battle and win on the special stage and win an Epic prize.

Try different strategies.

No elements of luck, only skills and strategies determine the outcome of the game.
Preset the starting hero and plan out the strategy in advance. Even if you don't choose a starting hero, you can level up faster with more starting gold than others.

Play with high quality graphics.

Meet an Auto Battler genre with graphics that upgraded to another level with a real-life-based design. Enjoy the spectacular battles and unrestrained designs of real-life-based heroes.

Don't be afraid to lose.

There is no eternal winner or everlasting loser. Receive defeat Gold bonus plus a random 1st to 2nd-class hero after you have lost sometimes. Achieve the dramatic victory from defeat bonuses.

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