Black Survival: Eternal Return

'Black Survival: Eternal Return' is the 3D parallel world of Black Survival(2D). Create your own strategy to remain the last survivor in this 3D version of Lumia Island.

Try to be the last one

In Black Survival: Eternal Return, compete to remain the last one among 15 other participants.

There is no right answer as to how to remain the last one standing.
But you might already have the ability to do so.
Assemble weapons to attack the enemy.
Craft armor gear to counter threats.
Prepare a different kind of food to increase your chances of survival.
Make beverages to use other skills.

  • Explore Lumia Island where abandoned cities and pure nature coexist.
  • There are various items needed for survival in the entire island. Find them!
  • Be careful, there are numerous threats on this island that might kill you.

  • Over 400 different items await you, but you will have to hurry to find them on time.
  • Use the crafting guide to set up goals and make your own strategy.
  • All items are limited, so you must use them efficiently.

  • A variety of characters await you, including the Serial Killer, Jackie, and the rookie cop, Aya.
  • All characters have their own abilities and masteries. Use them carefully.
  • Depending on the character you choose, you will have a completely different experience.

  • Keep moving, and you will move much faster due to increased movement masteries.
  • Keep fighting, and you will become stronger than others due to increased fighting masteries.
  • What masteries will you raise first? Make your choice.

  • Remember, the goal is to remain the last survivor.
  • The stronger does not necessarily win, so take advantage of the situation.
  • Let there be glory to the pawns, who reached the end of despair!

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