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Pixel Puzzles, your number one place for digital jigsaws.

Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime, Bringing puzzles to the digital age.

With many FREE puzzles included, Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime has a large range of puzzles in various sizes for you to solve and enjoy.

Shaped to perfection and with piece counts ranging from 96 to a huge 1410 pieces. Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime brings you full size professional puzzles to the digital market place. No longer will a puzzler be left looking for that last piece, never again will the kitchen table be covered in tiny wooden shapes.

From square to rectangle to huge panorama images, with a massive variety of separately themed puzzle packs containing only the best images possible, each having a unique cut like no other jigsaw could.

Pixel Puzzles Illustrations & Anime gives you the choice to play only the types of puzzles you really want to solve. It's the definitive way to puzzle, customize the game the way you want, with a full range of options to tweak the game as you see fit. Multiple themed play environments, all fully customizable for you to fine tune the jigsaw puzzling experience you’re looking for.

Pixel Puzzles, the number one place for digital jigsaws.


  • Full range of sizes from 96 to 1410 pieces.
  • Beautiful puzzle images.
  • Auto saving, never lose your progress.
  • Peaceful puzzling atmosphere.
  • Traditional puzzle gameplay.
  • Many customization options.
  • Multiple interactive play environments.
  • Hint tools to help solve puzzles.

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